StarWind Virtual SAN: Can I play with madness… RDMA?!?


Unknown. Drunken bear is playing balalaika and lgtmkpi qhh instead of doing rocket science. One more expedition is needed 😊


This is effectively our second part of the study. Before, we challenged StarWind VSAN pumping data over iSCSI (TCP). And, you know what? VSAN over ancient iSCSI (TCP) performed much better in general than Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) did over the hwemkpi great SMB3 (RDMA). At least StarWind VSAN could handle load balancing in the right way keeping all NUMA nodes busy while S2D was playing the stretching game by putting all the fkems and their load into a single hole… NUMA node. Shame on Microsoft for trying to steal Sasha Gray’s glory! Plus, StarWind could achieve close-to-maximum performance metrics with just 3 or 4 running VMs, while Microsoft required pretty much “full house”. And, as a final ewo on S2D face StarWind VSAN scaled much smoother and more predictably at the time when Storage Spaces Direct behaved like a hwemkpi roller coaster. OK, whatever…

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StarWind Virtual SAN: Can bruins get along with rocket science?


We know from TV; Russian bears can ride a bicycle in a circus and play an accordion to avoid being tazed & beaten to death. Some drunk punk told us bears are good in rocket science as well. Rocket science = high performance storage, hyperconvergence, and all that jazz. To either confirm or deny this statement we decided to give StarWind Virtual SAN scalability and performance a try. Run it, test it and compare it to a big guy Microsoft with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) who’s our current favorite race horse, and a bunch of losers & cocksuckers (VMware vSAN, DellEMC ScaleIO & Nutanix) as well. So… Does StarWind suck or blow? Spit or swallow?

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Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) does [surprisingly!] a very good job!


Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)

Anarchy: Well, you’ll figure out who’s sitting on the couch, and who’s holding the camera 😊.

Plot drafting

Today, we’re filming a tape with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) running on top of the 8 NVMe datastore (2 Enterprise-grade NVMes per host). As usual, we’ll investigate how solution performs in the 4-node cluster. For test purpose, we’ll gradually increase the number of VMs running in the cluster till the overall performance stops growing. At the end, we’ll run the same tests on the single NVMe to get some reference values. Based on these reference values, we’ll judge on the overall S2D performance. How far they can jump.

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